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Every year during the annual campaign, UFAH solicits over 500 businesses and members of the community to raise funds for twelve member organizations.

UFAH_2021 Campaign Solicitor Letter No V

The United Fund for the Arts and Humanities (UFAH) is proud to announce Jay Lokken and Ken Riley as their 2021 Campaign Chairs.

Jay and Ken continue to lead by example funneling their energies into organizations like UFAH that improve and create a vibrant environment for our community. In their second year as Campaign Chairs, they continue to work alongside the UFAH Board of Directors and volunteers raising funds for twelve arts and humanities organizations in the Coulee Region.

UFAH’s 38th Campaign, Invest to Enrich Our Vibrant Lifestyles, “speaks to our engagement in our community that energizes and captivates the imagination” said Jay and Ken. The arts and humanities have a way of connecting people from all backgrounds of life and positively impacting society. They make our community more attractive and vibrant plus preserve our history and heritage. They boost creativity, understanding, empathy and kindness.


There are many opportunities to connect with the arts and humanities through virtual and in-person events, exhibits and performances. The La Crosse Chamber Chorale will have a virtual concert in May, the Pump House Regional Arts Center will have their Art Fair and Sale in June, and the La Crosse Community Theatre has youth camps this summer.

Due to canceled and postponed events, performances, exhibits and educational programs, UFAH’s member groups continue to face significant revenue losses which makes your contributions to UFAH even more important. Please join UFAH in supporting the arts and humanities of the Coulee Region in 2021.

Music, art, theatre, and history can positively change the trajectory of your life. Help us improve our community by working together. 

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"The La Crosse Symphony is a beautiful orchestra, in a beautiful community -- inside and out. The LSO and UFAH are longtime partners in this mission, which gets more rewarding every year."

- Alexander Platt, Music Director

  La Crosse Symphony Orchestra

Enduring Families Project Juneteenth Per

"The life of George Edwin Taylor is important because it is our story as well. His history is our future. The struggles he faced, the disappointment, the injustice and the racism, we, as a collective people, share too. We can relate to his experience and empathize with it because we know it. There were negative aspects of his life, but he overcame them. But this was only a piece of the puzzle. He had a positive support system that helped make him into the man we now know. Elizabeth Burt cared for him as a young orphan. Nathan Smith guided and molded him into the man he became, fierce, determined, educated, a challenger to Teddy Roosevelt for President of the United States. Farmers, doctors, barbers, newspaper owner/editors, entrepreneurs from all walks of life who were people of color who collaborated to create a successful network for their community. Their history, their accomplishments, their contributions to our society and humanity need to be taught. It is time."

Darrell Ferguson, Volunteer

  La Crosse County Historical Society

The impact of the arts and humanities

The La Crosse area is like no other with unmatched natural beauty, a  vibrant and growing city center and an arts community second to none.

In one year, the arts contribute approximately $32.7 million to our local economy and generate 1,100 jobs. — 2015 Americans for the Arts Study

The arts and humanities not only benefit the local economy, they benefit our spirit and well-being. They give us the chance to step out of our everyday lives and experience beauty, expression and inspiration.

2021 Campaign Event

Over 90 people came to celebrate UFAH’s 38th year and enjoyed performances by the Coulee Chordsmen's Quartet (Roger Christians, Jon Williamson, Eric Sorenson and Tom Trudea) and soloists and a quartet from the La Crosse Area Youth Symphony Orchestras.