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A large part of UFAH member organizations’ success is due to the financial contributions allocated by UFAH. UFAH member groups are able to provide diverse programming for all ages, impacting over 150,449 audience members and artists annually. 

They value the joy of singing and ringing chords in four-part harmony. They are committed to bringing professional quality barbershop harmonies and creative programming to the region.

Interesting Fact: Seventy percent of chorus members cannot read music—they sing by ear. 

For nearly seven decades, the Great River Festival of Arts has aided in advancing many programs and events in the Coulee Region including the Great River Folk Fest. This Fest is celebrating its 48th anniversary with a variety of live music, workshops, unique crafts, children's activities and ethnic food.

The Heider Center was designed to bring local artists and arts organizations together while promoting the arts sector in the Coulee Region. They operate as a community Center and offer concerts, professional performances, educational shows, community education classes, and a visual arts gallery, showcasing area artists.

Their events bring a balanced combination of various styles of artistic expression and provide numerous occasions for social, educational, and cultural growth.

When young people have the opportunity to play music of great composers, they embrace that music forever. Each week, more than 80 people learn from and rehearse with outstanding faculty.

Offers boys an active point of entrance into music & vocal training. Its reach extends to audiences throughout the U.S. and Europe. Their repertoire ranges from classical to popular show tunes.

Singers in this volunteer, community-based choir are united by a love of choral singing. They are committed to bringing professional quality choral music and creative programming to the region.

The stars of the theatre are on stage, behind and in front. Each year, local performers, technicians and volunteers bring to life musicals, comedies and dramas to audiences totaling more than 20,000.

La Crosse County Historical Society enriches lives through engagement with the history of the Driftless Region.

Dedicated to the musical, social and character development of girls ages 7–18 since 1986, La Crosse Girlchoir welcomes girls of all ethnic, economic and religious backgrounds. Scholarships are available and families do fundraisers every semester to help families with tuition costs.

The symphony provides orchestral repertoire, educates people of all ages in the symphonic tradition and encourages student and professional musicians to develop and share their musical talents.

MVAC is proud to be actively engaged in public outreach and education and archaeological research and preservation of the ancient cultures of the upper Mississippi River Region.

Pump House Regional Arts Center is where music, theater and visual arts coalesce for community members and visitors of all ages.  Providing access to galleries, performing arts and diverse educational programming, this non-profit is the ultimate venue for creativity and inspiration.

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