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Dear Friends of UFAH,

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” These words from Act II Scene 7 of William Shakespeare’s As You Like It have guided our passion for the arts for the past decade. As performers, volunteers and patrons, artistic endeavors have helped us better connect both with each other and with our community. Now, we’re inviting you to “Get in on the Act.”


But don’t worry! There’s no line memorization required to play the role of the beloved patron.


By supporting UFAH with a financial gift, you help our 12 area member organizations add vibrancy and culture to our community. Beyond that, many member organizations partner with schools, nursing homes, and other area nonprofits to ensure that the arts reach members of our community who may not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy them. They also make the arts accessible with free programming and scholarships for many of their educational youth programs. They depend on your contributions to continue to make all of this possible.

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As we celebrate 40 years and $4 million already raised in past years, won’t you join us in the opening act of the next 40 years with a donation? Just like playing a small role on stage can steal a scene, making even a modest gift can lead to a lasting impact. What role will you play in UFAH’s success?


If you do decide to share your time and talents with these groups as well, “break a leg!”


Dustin and Dominique Luecke
2023 Campaign Chairs

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