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Dear Friends of UFAH,

Recharge! A term most of us associate with our ever-present cell phones or perhaps a new generation of electric vehicles. Yet that is what we need to do in La Crosse and the Coulee Region to reawaken and invigorate the arts and humanities!

Through these organizations, we can set our souls to be liberated, whether by the music of the Symphony or a chorale or drama group, or a creative feast for the eyes with the visual arts. We can celebrate our humanity and conquer the darkness of a pandemic that has kept us apart or of a world caught up in conflict.

Help us meet our fundraising goal with a contribution that will benefit the entire community. Funds will be distributed to our UFAH organizations as they also seek to Recharge! their programs and support the humanities. We do this for those moments that let us rise above our daily existence and soar with the angels in those times and places where these activities are held.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to UFAH. We have been privileged to represent this amazing group of cultural icons in our community. In this region, we have been blessed with a wealth of cultural opportunities. This is one way for all of us to give thanks and continue this tradition of excellence we too often take for granted. Recharge!



Maureen and Robert Freedland, MD
2022 Campaign Chairs

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