Dear Friends of UFAH,

When Jay and I were asked to chair the 2020 UFAH Campaign and write this letter of request, we knew we needed to create the perfect letter – one that would surely persuade people to donate to this remarkable organization on behalf of our community, and one that would be concise and to the point; therefore, please allow us to be direct:   


Instead of considering your donation to the arts and humanities as an expenditure, we are asking you to recognize that the Arts and Humanities is an INVESTMENT in our students and our community — an investment that pays dividends as measured by:

  • The positive impact on our local economy and how the arts attract businesses to our community; 

  • The arts and humanities make our community attractive, vibrant, connected and they preserve our history and heritage;

  • Arts and humanities boost our community creativity, understanding, empathy and our kindness.

If you have donated in the past, THANK YOU and Happy Anniversary of your investment!  Please give again and consider increasing your donation. 

For those of you out there who are first time donors to UFAH, let us leave you with a quote from Gloria Steinem:  

"It is more rewarding to watch money change the world than to watch it accumulate."

With warmest wishes and many thanks,


Jay Lokken and Ken Riley

2020 Campaign Chairs 

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